About CF

Complete Fashion (CF) is a monthly  fashion publication targeted at young, upwardly women. This target demographic, which knows Lagos, Nigeria as well as they do London, New York and Paris have an insatiable appetite for style, fashionable personalities and chic events. Complete Fashion services Fashion and beauty magazine, that promotes the style and grooming needs of men and women. With its unique double cover format and cutting edge fashion editorials, Complete Fashion  has taken  its place  as Africa’s leading fashion publication.  From Rita Dominic to Davido, CF covers have features West Africa’s leading artists and icons  over the last five years. Complete Fashion  is currently helmed by the amiable Complete Fashion team.

Complete Fashion is a subsidiary of True Tales Publications, Africa’s premier publishing house.


3 thoughts on “About CF”

  1. Fiona Warigon said:

    Hello! Am Fiona I am planning an event and I want to request complete fashion’s to be a part of it. Please how can I go about it.

  2. Lovely magazine, have you guys ever thought of featuring some of Nigeria’s most hardworking ladies in the UK? you should check out few of them,we would love to read and hear from our ladies abroad doing great things
    eg- Rita Nzelu( director of International Games, Linda Bella (Ogespanish Talk Show Magazine ) , Stella Damasus, Regina Askia etc

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