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They come in various colors, shapes and designs and could be perfect for just about any look. I’m sure some of you might be thinking “these shoes would make me look old” but then I could prove you wrong.

Low heels became fashionable in the 1960’s when teenage girls wanted to wear high heels which were considered unseemly by their mothers. These “trainer heels” came back in the 1980’s and have since then died off until they resurfaced in 2003. They keep you comfortable and your backbone and legs would thank you for taking the low road.

These shoes come in various styles and so if you are super-bold and trendy, you should be thinking about adding them to your already wonderful shoe-collection;

Work Shoes

Low heels are comfortable and can always serve as work shoes. They are as comfortable as slippers and as functional as stilettos. You can go low in bright colors like red, pink, blue, green etc.

 Low-heeled sandals

Sandals are good for evening dresses as they are elegant and can keep you looking as classy as they come. Even at midnight, you don’t even have to worry about losing a glass slipper and turning into a pumpkin. They look good in silver, gold but if you are the non-conformist type, you could go out in orange or plum.

Image source:stylewithstylebabe.com

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Block/ wide-heeled shoes

You could rock the casual chic look with block kitten heels. When paired with the right pants, they give a softer side to an otherwise edgy look.


For the adventurous and tom-boyish girl, the low-heeled boots might be just right for you. Paired with the right jeans or blazer, you would be ready to step out in these old-new shoes.

Pencil- Points


These are the sharper edged kitten heels and they work for just about any look. They can turn your demure dress to high fashion wear. Tan-colored kitten heels are especially wonderful in this regard as they give the illusion of being really tall (especially when you are not).

Image source: chictopia.com

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