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I watched the Lagos mud bathe my leopard printed suede shoes in disgust and the eyes of passersby at the bustop bear down on me, they too hadn’t been oblivious to the car which had raced down like a speed boat, splashing my shoes with thick slimy mud in the process. I bet they were waiting for me to do the typical Nigerian thing…*hurl insults*…but I was smarter than that, I chose the better option, I began to cry hard.

“My shoes…Oh my God! My suede shoes!” I wailed while people stared at me in confusion. “These are one of my favourite pieces, it’s Gianvito Rossi’s, do you know how much these cost? Five hundred and ten pounds!” I cried stamping my foot in anger.

Someone helped me get a bottle of water from the nearest kiosk and tried rinsing off the soot, instead, the mess grew worse. Shaking my…

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