By Adaeze Ibechukwu
rihanna beaniie
The cold days are almost upon us even as the ‘ember’ months usher in the new seasonal weather.
It’s time to bring out the beanie and wool-felt hat! The cold season has arrived and you’re soon going to feel the need to keep warm. Avoid the cold now with the beanie;
Most times, choosing the beanie could be the most difficult decision ever, here are three steps to choosing the right beanie for you.

 Choose a style; avoid wacky, multi-coloured designs and keep it simple. Stay away from beanies that are too stretchy, this would tighten your head and suffocate your scalp and you don’t need all that fuss. Pick loose-fit knits which would allow your hair breathe.
 Don’t pull the beanie all the way to your head, instead place it towards the back of your head or at the front, near your hairline.
 Lighten up the beanie with accessories and make-up. Play around with the beanie a bit more, the side-ponytail and a side-braid will boast your beanie look.

rihanna beanie

rihanna pink beanie