Toyin Lawani, Creative Director of Tiannah’s Place Empire invites all budding and young Stylists and Fashion Designers to register with the TiannahStyling Academy.

TiannahStyling Academy is an arm of the Tiannah’s Place Empire.

Ms Lawani runs Tiannah’s Place Empire as the Creative Director and CEO. The company- Tiannah’s Place Empire, operates the following businesses; Fashion Academy, Styling, Designing and Retailing, Television, Video & Runway Show Production Beauty & Well Being and Travels, Tours, Hospitality & Food.

TiannahStyling Academy is constantly looking towards the future, identifying new ways of working, discovering new markets and learning new skills that will benefit our future Fashion Designers and Stylists.

So, if you are looking to be the best in Fashion Styling and Designing, you need to register with TiannahStyling Academy as spaces for students are limited.

As you know, Ms Lawani is an experienced Fashion Stylist, she has been able to create a rich heritage and responsiveness to changes in design practice which has positioned her as a leading entrepreneur of fashion styling, designing, education and consultancy.


TiannahStyling Academy’s work is centered on the development of ideas; its staff and students use fashion alongside historical and cultural practice to challenge social, political and ethical agendas. This, combined with its forward-thinking business and management portfolio and its relationship with the global fashion and lifestyle industries, is the underpinning of its mission to fashion the future.

To register with TiannahStyling Academy, send an email with your Full Name, Address, Contact Phone Number and Email Address to: info@tiannahstylingfashionacademy.com

In your email, kindly tell us why you want to be a Fashion Designer or Stylist.