Founded in 2004, the Shakara Couture Label is a family-run business with a design team led by the creative director Ewemade Erhabor-Emokpae.

The Shakara Couture label draws its signature shapes and cuts from the 1950s, a decade that heavily influences the brand. Shakara Couture is popular for its desire to accentuate and create womanly curves while simultaneously engaging in beautiful fabric manipulation.


The Shakara Couture is pleased to announce its 2nd dress bridal campaign which aims to promote the label as one that specializes also in bridal wear particularly the 2nd dress or popularly known as the “reception’ dress which is fast becoming a trend in the bridal industry.

The 2nd dress campaign would be introduced in the form of a competition which will take the course of two months. Brides-to-be from across the nation will engage in a competition in order to win free consultation as well as the 2nd reception dress from the Shakara Couture brand.

In order to stand a chance of winning, the brides-to-be will:

–        Send in pictures of themselves and their partner together

–        Their love story

–        A video of themselves telling us why they should win the 2nd dress from Shakara Couture.

All entries must be sent to

A compilation of these three factors will be featured on over the course of one month and the public would be given the opportunity of voting for their favourite bride-to-be.


For more information, contact the PR rep:

The Fashion Portal


Number: 08167113688