By Maureen .I



It’s appalling to see ladies and women alike on very blotchy and uneven foundation. I once had a chat with a make-up artist who said that ‘most women do not want their shades when it comes to foundation everyone wants something lighter and most times, this doesn’t fit their faces like second skin.’ On the other hand, some ladies love to use the right foundation and don’t know what to buy.

FINDING the right foundation could sometimes seem impossible as most products are either too cakey or too oily. The correct foundation grips the face firmly yet softly, it conceals imperfections and unifies skin tone, hence creating a perfect finish.

Whether it is light coverage or matt finish, a youthful glow or a graceful look; getting the best suit for your skin is a personal test which you must take on your own, below are some good foundations which I feel creates the flawless finish.

See my favorites:


My first love is Giorgo’s Maestro fusion makeup maquillage fusion with SPF 15, this lightweight formula blends easily and dries matt. It is ideal for oily skin types and those who don’t like their make-up too heavy. It protects the face from the sun too.


Clinique works every time if you ask me, this formula is for those who want to conceal imperfections or treat an uneven skin tone. 


Bobbi Brown is good too, it’s oil-free and ideal for buildable coverage, this foundation comes in colours ranging from Porcelain to Espresso.


Estée Lauder; I can’t count the number of fashionistas using this brand. It’s so popular and it works  as it has great coverage and long-lasting results.



Image source: flaviahgathomi.blogspot.com