By Adaeze Ibechukwu


I might have to spend the whole day trying to explain the difference between a full figure and a plus size and end up mixing things up or I might take a deep breath and calmly point out facts.

The fact is; you can be full figured without being plus sized.

When it comes to choosing lingerie, the term full figure means you have a cup size of D or more. Plus size means you are a cup size of D or greater plus a band size of forty or more. In other words, a 34DD will be termed a full figure bra size while a 42D would be both a full figure and a plus size bra.

Got it?

I can see some eyes rolling in confusion…

‘This is important for a couple of reasons. The bra size 38D is the cut-off size for the largest bra size in many brands. A bra can therefore have a size range up to a 38D and be considered an “average figure” bra. But, bra styles that include and exceed a 40 band size in their size run are considered a plus size bra. By contrast, a bra style that only goes up to a 38 band size, but includes cup sizes larger than a D is considered a full figure bra style, but not considered a plus size bra style.’

Now, when it comes to being plus size; it means extra pounds on all parts of the body…from the face, to the upper arms, legs, back and everywhere that can absorb extra fat.

Being full figured is having a small size everywhere else except on the bust/chest region and the hips/buttocks area.

I hope I answered your questions @PurpleEllipsis …thanks for being an inquisitive fashionista!

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