By Adaeze Ibechukwu


Playing dress-up is quite different from dressing up! Ladies should never wear costumes to cocktail parties. A cocktail is mostly a simple classy affair which involves a few dignified people; it doesn’t share a rack with a concert or a music fiesta. A cocktail party is a party where cocktails are being served. Formally, women are supposed to wear cocktail dresses for cocktail parties *no arguments* but with the emergence of new styles nowadays, something new and different could work!

The most important thing to note is; don’t be late for a cocktail party…it draws unnecessary attention.

The next thing to bear at the back of your mind is the invitation; were you invited over the phone or were you handed an invitation card? If you did receive an invite, study it thoroughly, is it formal or casual, you can tell from the specifics. If it’s a formal affair, you need something a bit dressier (you don’t want to be caught unawares)No one has a right to tell you what to wear for a cocktail party; shuffling between dresses and classy pants is your choice.

Below is a step by step guide on how to choose a perfect cocktail dress.

How to dress it?

Step 1: Go through your closet for something above your knees or slightly above your ankle, avoid the floor lengths, save that for the ball. There’s one dress that could never go wrong! ‘The small black dress.’

Step 2: Alternatively, go for the colour of the season and choose a perfect fabric too… we don’t want you wearing wool blends during summer or the chill of the air-conditioning might never hide your sweats well enough.

Step 3: Accessorize accordingly; be skeptical for once and stand in front of your mirror and search for a personal appraisal.  For sweet-hearts dresses, chunk out a swanky neckpiece and go to town on swag. If you’re choosing a high necked dress, avoid neckpieces totally and let your neck breathe free, you could interchange and do bracelets instead (some high neck dresses work well with bold neck pieces though).

Step 4: Do a dress that flatters your figure ‘avoid squeezing into a dress that’s not your size.’

Step 5: For cocktails, do heels; they totally work.

Step 6: Never wear a large bag…a clutch is a better option.

Step 7: Your hair should be detailed to the final finish; bag a whopping 100% from head to toe.

Step 8: Make-up is essential as blushes are must dos!

Do you now see what you can do with yourself on a cocktail night out?