By Adaeze Ibechukwu

Do you know that the choice of lipstick colour could affect teeth whites? Here are quick tips to making the right lip colour choice for white teeth.

Choose bright pinks and reds: Bright shades pick up reflective edges on your teeth, thus giving the impression of a whiter smile

Pick a contrasting Lipstick Color: A punch of red or pink will stand your teeth out in glowing smile. Frosty or matte lipstick shades can actually emphasize the stains on your teeth, making your teeth appear dull and lifeless.

Try Bronzing Lipsticks: Use a bronzer in your makeup, sweeping it over the high points of your face. Your teeth will appear whiter and brighter.

We all have different complexions and colouring, so try experimenting with a lip colour that works for you. Rummage through your lipstick pouch and get colours for the most dramatic lip effect ever.

Top Shades of Lipstick to Make Teeth Appear Whiter and Brighter

1. Pale Pink


2. Sheer Pink


3. Light Pink


4. Bright Pink.


5. Bright Red


Popular shade for autumn/winter 2013 season is pink. Wear it fab!